The Bible and American Culture
How well do you really know them?


If you took a simple literacy test right now about the Influence of the Bible on American Culture, would you pass it?

Do you know how to lawfully and appropriately teach about the Bible or the Judeo-Christian tradition of America across the curriculum and in all K-12 grade levels?

Can you connect the dots of American History that demonstrate the influence of the Bible and the Judeo-Christian tradition on American culture?

At this website you will learn how to take any academic subject or cultural/traditional practice in American History and determine the influences of the Bible on it. You will also enjoy 350 pages of cultural-historical documentation including 60 videos, 30 interactive maps, charts, timelines and e-tours, featuring 20 popular/classical musical selections for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Take the only State-Approved Continuing Education Course in the country that teaches state certified professional educators how to lawfully and appropriately teach Bible Literacy across the curriculum and at any grade level!

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies (K-12)

K-12 Bible Literacy Teaching Certificate Course

Read about the Texas House Bill 1287 Bible Literacy law.

This website was created for all K-12 SBEC Certified Texas Educators in support of TX HB 1287 & the current Social Studies TEKS alignment. All Instructional SBEC Certified Texas Educators can earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits on this website – at no cost.

Click here for the TEA-CPE Written Reporting Requirements & Information

At BibleCultureIt™, our focus is about the academic and historical influences of the Bible on American Culture.

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